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Lab Experiments

Gemina Labs

Canada-UK based company with proprietary chemistry that can fundamentally change the rapid in vitro diagnostics sector, especially lateral flow technology.

The chemistry platform is in our own products - and it's available to other manufacturers to bring high-performance rapid tests to market, with significantly reduced development and production costs.

Our team in an immensely experienced group of experts. They are all passionate about making positive changes, impressed with the way that the chemistry works and with a shared enthusiasm for the long term potential of lateral flow technology and its impact on healthcare and wellbeing - worldwide.


To improve healthcare and wellness by utilising our breakthrough chemistry to improve point-of-care diagnostic devices. 


Making a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of people worldwide, needs the courage to step outside of what is  conventional. Our company is a place where global expertise converges and is bound together by mutual respect and trust.


The company began operating in May 2020. Our first patent was filed in the September of the same year. Our first prototype was produced in Spring 2021, we were publicly listed in August 2021 and obtained our first product approval in May 2022.

We are the owners of a proprietary, ground-breaking chemistry platform that is available on licence to diagnostics companies.

What we do

We use the chemistry to produce our own point of care (PoC) diagnostic tests focused on infectious respiratory diseases.

We have the facilities and expertise to help our customers to develop and optimise assays of their own.

Our Management Team

An incredible passion for progress

Brian Firth.jpg

Brian Firth

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Browning.jpg

Dave Browning

Head of Productization

Mike Liggett.jpg

Mike Liggett

Chief Finance Officer

Rob Greene.jpg

Rob Greene

Chief Technology Officer

Stef Hamill.jpg

Stef Hamill

Vice President Strategy

Hugh McNaught.jpg

Hugh McNaught

Vice President Marketing

Christine Buerki.jpg

Christine Buerki

Head of Product Development

Elliot Hong.jpg

Elliot Hong

VP Product Development

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