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Rapid in vitro diagnostics R&D and manufacture

Our partner, RAPIvD is a world-class contract research company operating at the cutting edge of rapid in vitro diagnostics and particularly, lateral flow technology.

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Working with you
when results really  matter

RAPIvD are experts at producing high quality assays for real-world applications and complement our chemistry and product range by adding best-in-class research and development services to our customers.

They can take existing lateral flow technology and optimise it with our dual affinity binding chemistry. Demonstrating how you can save money and simultaneously, improve your products.

RAPIvD are also leaders in new assay development, taking commissions from our customers as well as developing and optimising our own product range. They are always looking for ways to improve:

  • Convenience
    tests that are easier and quicker to use and read

  • Accuracy
    through sensitivity, specificity and clarity

  • Affordability
    making quality products more accessible to more people

  • Sustainable
    using materials that are kinder to the planet


Through RAPIvD, we can offer independent testing, validation, industry expertise, advice and guidance.

Find out more about RAPIvD by visiting their website at

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